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The unit, in thermo-molded plastic material (ABS or similar), in resting position looks like a low thickness blind cabinet at wall (about 200 cm height, about 80 cm width, about 28 cm thickness). In working position both dimensions and appearance are comparable to those of a standard shower box (about 200x80x80 cm), and the unit is then fully furnished with flexible shower pipe, discharging pipe in way of shower floor, wall rooms (open or blind), no. 1 wing with mirror to close utility spaces, no. 1 semi-transparent and openable flexible wall, wall big handle, seat, wire pull alarm. Other tools (dispenser, shower programmer with nozzles at various heights, sauna programmer) should be installed if required by design.

Wall repositioning needs two movements: the side wall should be gathered and horizontally rotated 90°, the shower floor should be vertically rotated 90° up. The peculiar discharging system avoids external leakages both in shower use and in wall repositioning operation.

A material having the typical characteristics of the sanitary products shall be used. It shall be fully waterproof and shall have low thermal expansion coefficient, high abrasion resistance (detergent products), high chromatic inalterability (thermo-photosensitivity).

The system needs a conventional drainage in way of the wall lower edge, cold/warm feeding pipes in standard position, electrical connection to domestic alarm system.

The unit shall be fixed over wall finishing (tiles, plastering, etc.), simply by expansion bolts.

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